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Yonkers Boxer Zyon "Baby Tyson" Duprey Heads to the Junior Olympics

by Warren Rosenberg with John Morrison - MetroSports Magazine June 20, 2024

As we look towards celebrating the incredible athletic talent that will be on display at the 2024 Paris Olympics next month, next week in Wichita Kansas an aspiring group of future Olympic hopefuls will gather to display their skills in competition at the USA Boxing National Junior Olympics.

Above: Zyon "Baby Tyson" Duprey victorious over opponent Jacob Perez after refree stops contest at June 1 bout.

Stepping into the ring at Wichita’s Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center will be 14 year old Zyon “Baby Tyson” Duprey, a Yonkers NY native training and fighting out of the Yonkers Knockouts boxing gym. Zyon’s coach, trainer, and mentor, John Morrison notes that “. Zyon has faced many struggles and was heading down the wrong path. He decided to join the Yonkers Knockouts and, like our motto, "Change the Message - Change the Mindset" Zyon has changed his life for the better. Zyon no longer gets into negative situations in school and is focusing on all the positive changes he's made.

“Yonkers Knockouts was established a sanctuary for urban youth, uplifting and empowering them and helping them to develop life skills.  Yonkers Knockouts is specifically targeting youth heading down a destructive pathway to assist them in controlling their anger and developing ways to respond positively to anger and challenges that they face."

As part of their comprehensive training, the Yonkers Knockouts teach self-respect and respect for one another through focus groups and bridging the gap with law enforcement. The training and mentoring also include implementing a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating, and athletics. Typical boxing exercises include movement and footwork drills to evade punches, as well as punching drills on equipment like heavy bags, speed bags, and focus mitts. In addition, of the boxing exercise programs involve other conditioning exercises, such as jumping rope, calisthenics, and running.

Zyon and his coach have built a bond that has challenged both of them. Coach Morrison notes that, “we call him BABY TYSON because former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, is Zyon’s favorite boxer. Coach Morrison goes on to say that, “Zyon frequently quotes Tyson while working out and copies all his moves. He's even tailored his wardrobe to look like Tyson. One of Zyon’s quotes is "I'm the greatest ever and the best yet to come." Coach John always says "No one has seen the best of Zyon yet, but soon he will be a household name."

Above: Zyon and his coach, John Morrison between rounds - Photo credit Yonkers Knockouts

Now fighting in the 176 pound weight class, Zyon has compiled an overall 5-1 boxing record with two wins coming by knockout. His most recent win came just two weeks ago in the Westchester’s Finest Boxing Show where he was a co-featured main event. The event, held at the famous Grand Roosevelt Ballroom in Yonkers was hosted by Brother 2 Brother 914, a local non-profit organization that sponsors youth to Yonkers Knockouts and was sanctioned by USA Boxing Metro. His was one of thirteen competitive fights at the event. Further evidence of the close-knit community that nurtures youth like Zyon is the fact that the evening's entertainment for the event was provided by a well-known local DJ, Tri-State Jericko, who serves as CEO of Brother 2 Brother 914 and is, in fact, the brother of Zyon's coach, John Morrison.

Above: Zyon (red gloves, red trunks) delivering a punch to opponent at the Yonkers Finest boxing show.

MetroSports Magazine has previously reported on two other fighters out of the Yonkers Knockouts gym, Christella Cepeda, a Golden Gloves National Champion and an officer with the New York State Police and two Yonkers Firefighters, Davey Scott and Chris Palladino. Training alongside such positive role models provides young athletes with another way of staying on the right path.


We’ll keep our eyes focused on “Baby Tyson” Duprey as he progresses through what is likely to be a successful amateur boxing career and hopefully a future professional championship. But first, the National Junior Olympics.


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