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As The Father Passes the Story Down to His Son - The Ascension of Michael Glover, Jr.

by Warren Rosenberg, MetroSports Magazine March 12, 2024

 “With a little ambition just what we can become here ,

as the father pass the story down to his son’s ears”.

Jay-Z – lyrics from ‘Forever Young’


The New York metro area’s multitude of outdoor basketball courts and indoor high school courts have served as breeding ground for generations of talented basketball players. This includes such notables as NBA players Nate ‘Tiny’ Archibald, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Earl ‘The Pearl’ Monroe, Richard ‘Pee Wee’ Kirkland, and undrafted standouts playing in the NBA G-League and overseas such as Earl ‘The Goat’ Manigault, Obadiah ‘Dunkers Delight’ Toppin, Sr., Scott Machado, and Michael ‘Optimus Prime’ Glover, Sr.

Both Obadiah Toppin, Sr., and Michael Glover, Sr. share much in common. Toppin was a well-known and proficient Brooklyn streetballer given the nickname, “Dunkers Delight” for his on-court skills. Although undrafted by the NBA, he did go on to a semi-pro career with the Brooklyn Kings of the old United States Basketball League. Mike Glover Sr. learned and polished his basketball skills on the outdoor urban asphalt courts of the City, places with famous names like Dykman, Rucker, and West 4th Street, and on the indoor hardwood courts of the New York City public schools. Although he had a highly successful college career at what is now Iona University and was offered a workout with the N.Y. Knicks, he went undrafted and pursued a successful professional career overseas.

The similarity between Toppin and Glover doesn’t end there. Obadiah Toppin leaves behind as part of his legacy two sons who are gaining prominence in the NBA - Obiadiah ‘Obi’ Toppin, Jr. who started his NBA career with the Knicks and now plays for the Pacers and Jacob Toppin who is building a solid reputation with the Westchester Knicks of the NBA G-League. And like Toppin Sr., Mike Glover Sr. looks be followed by a developing future NYC high school standout and NBA prospect, Mike Glover Jr.

Above: Michael Glover Jr, at age 9 in 2018 (#3 at left) and this season shooting from the 3 point line (right).

While his high school playing career is just beginning, the 15-year old Mike Glover Jr. has played NYC streetball with the Uptown Basketball Academy. While the transfer of talent from father to son is easy to see, it has not been a one-way relationship between Glover senior and junior. Back during his college playing days with Iona, Mike Sr. would often bring Mike Jr. to the games and the impact that Jr’s presence had on his father was evident to coach Tim Cluess who was quoted as saying, “I think when his son is here Mike always plays harder so I like having his son here. I think he’s taking his basketball more serious. He’s a little bit more focused on what’s important in his life.”

Above: Michael Glover Sr. and Jr, in 2020 (left) and this year (right).

Along with others, Mike Sr. has noticed the great potential in Mike Jr., saying that “he’s definitely better than me at his age of 15 now”. In a social media post following Mike Jr’s most recent game just days ago, proud dad wrote, “Junior, words can’t describe the feeling tonight. 30 points in your debut and you haven’t played a high school game yet. Scary! We’re good stay on that side. We got something special brewing. Continue to be great and shock the world because everything is earned - never given. Yes! They know who your dad is but now it’s time to know who Mike Glover Jr is… lead the way champ. I will always have your back!”

Above: Michael Glover, Jr. - Dressed for Success last May.


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