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Wheatley Wildcats Capture the Division B Championship

By Katherine Dong - MetroSports Special Correspondent February 8, 2023

It is the moment everyone has been waiting for. A captivating and successful season for the Boys Varsity Basketball team at Long Island's Wheatley High School in Old Westbury, New York. It has been many years since the Wildcats won the title. Every season there is always the best team representing our school and competing to take the title.

But this year presented a special season for the school and a big deal for the seniors and the team - and for many reasons. This year we were happy to have back our all time favorite coach, Rich Slater. This year there are many strong and intelligent players who can really bring up the game this season and who contributed much to capturing the Championship, players like our Seniors Michael Santerelli, Grant Callahan, the one and only Bryan McClary, Eli Mizhiritsky, Zak Zulfiquar and Tyler Richman.

There are many surprises with this year's team like a person who was currently a quarterback on the Carle Place Football team for many years and is now contributing as a member the basketball team. The team is super happy to have Jordan Gazit on the team as well. Lastly there are two players that had the ability to be on the team as well as showing their skills and ability to step up their game this season Junior Nate Song ,and Freshman Lawrence Brown.

Above: The Wilcats vs. Jerricho

Friday 3 , 2023 big game against Oyster Bay . Throughout the season it has been a ride where there were some ups and downs however the teamwork and intelligents with the players on team has definitaly brought them far and finally ended the season in becoming the B1 Champions . Also huge thanks to the Wheatley Athletic department and the troops for all their support by coming to all the games since day one till now. And also the team is super thankful for Slater for all the dedication and coaching throughout the games.

Above: Senior Day Game against Oyster Bay High School

This season the boys were incredible, especially the seniors. We want to say good luck throughout your journey in college and can’t wait to see what your future holds . Wish you guys all the best .

Above Wheatley Wildcats Senior Day Team Photo

Photos courtesy Wheatley Wildcats Athletics

Special Correspondent Katherine Dong is currently a student at Wheatley High School and a competitive athlete previously featured in MetroSports Magazine:


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