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First Annual Captain Andy DiMaggio Charity Hockey Game

by Dr. Michael Wszolek, MetroSports Magazine - April 1 2023

Mount Vernon NY’s Ice Hutch was the scene of an unusual mutual aid event involving the New Rochelle and Yonkers Fire Departments.

No, they weren’t joining ranks battling the heat of a large fire but, rather, were literally cooling their heels on the ice. Saturday, April 1st, was the First Annual Captain Andy DiMaggio Memorial Charity Hockey Game.

Above: Photo Credit - New Rochelle Fire Department (via Social Media)

MetroSports Magazine has in the past covered the charity hockey games between New York City’s FDNY and NYPD, the Yonkers Police and Fire Departments, the Yonkers Police and NYC FBI Field Office and, most recently, the White Plains Fire Department and Police Department.

Above: Photo credit - DOCWSZOLEK Photography

In this, first ever Captain Andy DiMaggio Memorial Charity Hockey Game, the Yonkers Fire Department (YFD) scored first in a tightly contested game with no other scoring taking place until the end of the third period, the final period of play. With just a few minutes remaining in what looked like a low scoring Yonkers Win, the New Rochelle Fire Department scored, tying the game at one goal each. Yonkers came on strong scoring two additional goals in the final two minutes to capture this first annual event by the score of 3-1.

Above: The New Rochelle Fire Department Hockey Team. Below: The Yonkers Fire Department Hockey Team. Photo Credit DOCWSZOLEK Photography

Westchester County's sports fans and those who rightly hold our heroic first responders in high regard now have another annual tradition to look forward to - the Annual Captain Andy DiMaggio Memorial Charity Hockey Game.

The April 1st event also opened the month of Autism Awareness, which both the New Rochelle and Yonkers Fire Departments recognize and support.

The New Rochelle Fire Department’s Instagram site perhaps states the case best. “As firefighters, we are committed to serving and protecting our communities in every way possible. This includes supporting and raising awareness for important causes such as Autism Awareness Month, which takes place every April.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects one in every 54 children in the United States, and the numbers are increasing every year. It is a complex developmental disability that impacts communication, social interaction, and behavior.

As firefighters, we interact with people from all walks of life, including those with autism. It is essential to understand how to communicate effectively with individuals with ASD, and we strive to create inclusive environments where everyone feels welcome and valued.”

Above: Photo Credits - New Rochelle and Yonkers Fire Departments' Instagram


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