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Football Season is Back with the Elite Football Alliance

by Clark Thompson, MetroSports Magazine - August 1, 2022

This past weekend, the Elite Football Alliance kicked off its 2022 regular season with two games at New Rochelle’s Joseph F. Fosina field. The Harlem Gators and the Brooklyn Pharaohs emerged from the weekend victorious with the Gators scoring 46 points in their win against the Empire State Demon Knights and the Pharaohs putting up 26 points in their win against the New York Bears. Both winning teams secured their victories on their home fields.

The Pharaohs’ strong showing follows on the heels of their winning the league championship last year in a tight game against the Long Island Red Devils. The New York Bandits and New York Legion have yet to play in this young season – both are scheduled to play this coming weekend.

The Elite Football Alliance is one of the prominent semi-pro full-contact tackle football leagues in the New York metropolitan region and provides talented high school and college athletes with the opportunity to continue playing the game they love in a fun and competitive environment. The season will include 10 regular season games before the playoffs and championship competition.

Currently, the league is comprised of the following teams:

-The Brooklyn Pharaohs

-Empire State Demon Knights

-New York Bandits

-Harlem Gators

-New York Bears

-New York Legion

All photos by Clark Thompson of


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