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Army and Navy Basketball Even Things Up for 2022

Warren Rosenberg - MetroSports Magazine February 12, 2022

It is a rivalry that dates back at least 132 years. Quoted in a 2016 article published in USA Today, Navy football athlete, Andrew Thompson summed up the rivalry this way. “Army-Navy means unity. Without fail, West Point and Annapolis continue to produce some of the country’s finest young military officers. After their respective playing days are over, Army and Navy football players answer the nation’s clarion call. Far from the spotlights and pageantry of the game, they serve together in every clime and place. Their sense of duty unifies them in the pursuit of national victory. They support and defend our homeland without complaint, in a spirit of discipline, toughness, intelligence and character.

While so much of the attention is drawn to the annual Army-Navy football game, this historic rivalry plays out across many other sports. On Saturday, February 12, 2022, the men’s and women’s Army and Navy basketball teams tipped off against each other on the hardwood court of the Christl Arena on the campus of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. This doubleheader was part of the Star Series that will be covered in greater depth in the upcoming January/February issue of MetroSports Magazine.

Besides competing for the 2022 Star among rival military academies, both of the Army and Navy basketball teams compete in the collegiate Patriot League of the NCAA where they also vie for bragging rights.

Saturday’s games evened the score for both the men’s and women’s squads with the Army women defeating Navy, 70-66, in a nail-biter of a finish going down to the final seconds of the game and avenging their loss to the Middies last month. The Black Knights men’s team fell to Navy, 52-49, setting them even after Army’s victory on January 22nd.

For those who follow local New York Metro area athletes, players on the Army and Navy basketball teams include:

Jada Strippoli, #0, Ossining, NY, U.S. Army Black Knights Women

Hope Brown, #14, Phillipsburg, NJ, U.S. Army Black Knights Women

Natalie Stralkus, #24, East Brunswick, NJ – U.S. Army Black Knights Women

Lauren Lithgow, #34, Manasquan, NY – U.S. Army Black Knights Women

Brendan Thiele, #2, Kearny, NJ – U.S. Army Black Knights Men

Chris Mann, #4, Phillipsburg, NJ – U.S. Army Black Knights Men

Kristina Donza, #22, Jackson, NY – U.S. Navy Midshipmen Women

Look for more complete coverage on the Star Series rivalry in the upcoming full issue of MetroSports Magazine


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