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Pleasantville High School Athlete Honored for Saving a Life

MetroSports Magazine is pleased to join with the Pleasantville Board of Trustees in recognizing Plesantville High School multi-sport athlete, Garrett Carney, for helping to prevent a suicide last November. His actions were instrumental in helping save the life of a young woman who was preparing to jump onto the MetroNorth railroad tracks from the Manville Road overpass.

Above from left: Garrett Carney (#12) in action, Giving recognition and flowers to his mother on Senior Day.

Pleasantville High School coach, Terry Singletary, believes that Garrett’s actions that day are completely in keeping with his character. Singletary told us that, “He's a great kid, fun loving, easy-going, a team-guy, and a natural leader. He’s played lacrosse and basketball for 4 years and was and was named a State Champion in lacrosse his junior year. After he helped save this women's life he came to practice and told me what happened. He was so humble it was very impressive. He was my favorite athlete to coach on last year’s team.” Garrett is the great grandson of the actor and Mt. Vernon native, Art Carney.

Above from left: Carney welcomed onto the court by teammates. With Pleasantville head coach, Bob Jordon.

Also recognized by the Board at its May 13th, 2019 meeting were Pleasantville police officers Pat Leone and Jonathan Smith.

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