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The Road to Redemption Continues for The Bosnian Prince

Nismo Ostavili Nista U Sudijskim Rukama Ne Ovaj Put Ne U Virginiji

We Weren't Leaving Anything In The Judges Hands Not This Time Not In Virginia

This past weekend, 39 year old boxer, Armin Mrkanovic scored his second consecutive win following a bitter contested defeat in June of 2017 at the West Virginia State Penitentiary against Josh Himes. While that controversial loss at the hands of West Virginia judges still leaves a foul taste in Mrkanovic’s mouth, it hasn’t hindered his journey on the road to potentially capturing the UBF European Championship. Mrkanovic is pursuing a possible match against the current UBF Cruiserweight European Champion, Edin Puhalo, on his native soil in Bosnia sometime early next year. With each step forward, he puts the Hines fight further behind him recently stating, “I want to fight these title holders, I have requested several times for a rematch with Josh “The Princess” Himes, but I am past that, so I am on to bigger and better opportunities.”

Photo Credit: Fairshakemedia via Armin Mrkanovic

On December 15th at Tyson’s Playground in Vienna, Virginia, Mrkanovic handily defeated Antwaun Taylor, knocking down his opponent five times and scoring a fifth round TKO. The Bosnian Prince has now run his record to 9-3-0 with four wins by KO. Gracious in victory, Mrkanovic said, “One More Time I Want To Say thank you to Papa Hector Roca who acted as my head trainer and, as my cutman, closed a bad cut under my eye giving me the opportunity to win this fight. Papa Roca is truly one in a million and I want to say thank you for guiding me in and out of the ring.”

Above: Mrkanovic scoring one of his five knockdowns of the fight with Hector Roca looking on at right. Photo Credit; Fairshakemedia via Armin Mrkanovic

He went on to say, “I want to thank God Almighty first and foremost for granting me this victory and letting me and my opponent come out unharmed. I also want to thank every single one of you (my fans and supporters), for wishing me good luck and for the tremendous outpouring of support I got from all of you. Thank you. One love for all of you.

MetroSports Magazine has been following the career of Armin Mrkanovic since his fourth fight back in 2012 at the Avaiator Sports Complex in Brooklyn and we look forward to continuing to cover this warrior as he works to claim a well-deserved championship belt.

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