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Readers Select Our July-August 2017 Cover Through Social Media Response; NYCD C.O. Yaatae Turner and

The results are in. After 24 hours of heavy balloting the the officers, administrators and friends of the New York City Department of Correction have outvoted the players, staff, fans and supporters of the New York Sharks women's tackle foot ball team to put C.O. Yaatae Turner on the cover of this month's issue. Voting for the NYPD Boxing Team and a Table Tennis Olympian placed them in third and fourth place, respectively. Although claims of ballot stuffing by non-readers of MetroSports Magazine and of possible Russian hacking of the election results have been raised, we have found no evidence of such tampering.

While the 5,000 spectators present for the NYPD Boxing Championships and the 10,000 members of the NYC Department of Correction were enough to tip the voting in favor of boxer, Golden Gloves semifinalist, and Transatlantic Law Enforcement Boxing Champion Yaatae Turner, the editors of MetroSports Magazine have decided to publish our July-August 2017 issue with two unique covers; one for NYCD Boldest Boxing and one for the New York Sharks.

Compelling the editorial staff to publish the New York Sharks cover was the dominating performance of the U.S.A. Women's Team in the World Football Championships completed just yesterday in Langley, British Columbia. With two Sharks in the starting lineup and three selected as alternates, the American women dominated the tournament claiming shutout victories over Mexico and Finland and beating Team Canada by a score of 41-16 in the Championship Final.

Our selection of TJ Grimsley to join C.O. Turner as Athletes of the Month was motivated by her selection as a starter on the U.S.A. women's team, playing professional football for seven years, four of them with the Sharks, and in recognition of service in the U.S. military, now serving her ninth year in the U.S. Army, currently stationed in New Jersey and serving as an Army recruiter. Profiles of both Athletes of the Month can be found on page 28 of the July-August 2017 MetroSports Magazine.

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