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Product Review - Urbanista Athens Wireless Earbuds

by Olivia Rosenberg

May 26, 2020

Editor's Note: As a digital publication catering to people engaged in sports and athletics and centered in one of the world’s major urban areas, it seemed only natural for MetroSports Magazine to review the Urbanista Athens wireless sport earbuds. Pitched by Urbanista as being “Designed For Life In Motion” we gave a pair to a 20 something resident of New York City’s Greenwich Village, a transplant from Nashville, Tennessee, by way of Hoboken, New Jersey, and a fitness enthusiast currently working with a midtown marketing agency. We sent Olivia out for a two-week test drive of the Urbanista Athens Sport. Here is her review.


As someone who has spent months looking for true wireless earphones before settling on my current pair, I was excited to try out the Athens earbuds from Urbanista. Having tried out a number of in-ear versions in the past and finding them bulky, uncomfortable, or otherwise unsuitable, I was skeptical of the Athens, but was very pleasantly surprised to find them discreet and easy to wear. Overall I think these are a great option for anyone looking for truly wireless earbuds.

Look and Feel

The look and feel of the case and the earbuds is a huge plus - both are sleek and soft, and the earbuds sit in your ear with a fairly low profile. Another big plus is the fact that these are water and sweat-proof, making them a good option for workouts. The earbuds come with a charging case and charging cord, although the cord does not come with its own power adapter. I was able to use the adapter from my phone charger, which worked well, but it would be more convenient if these came with their own. The charging case is very sleek and would fit well in a bag or pocket, although it is a bit larger than an Apple Airpod case.

Instructions and Ease of Use

While the instructions provided were complete and easy to follow, I honestly didn't need them, as the pairing process was quick and intuitive. The earbuds themselves have great touch functionalities that allow users to control volume and playback directly in-ear. It takes a little getting used to (beware: I somehow had Siri dial a long lost contact from my phone while getting the hang of turning up the volume), but is ultimately a great design feature that prevents you from needing your phone to control music or calls.

Comfort and Wearability

As mentioned earlier, I've tried out some truly uncomfortable, borderline painful, earbuds that pop right out with the slightest motion. However, the Athens were easy to fit into my ear and felt very secure, thanks to the flexible loop holding them in place. The earbuds come with a few different loop sizes, so that everyone can find their best fit. They stayed put through a few running and weight training workouts with no need to adjust, and they don't shift when toggling the playback buttons (which is a big issue on a lot of other earbuds I've tried).

Sound Quality and Noise Filtering

The sound quality, from high treble to low bass, is good and very comparable to the other earbuds I own. My one pitfall with these earbuds came down to a personal preference - noise filtering. I personally prefer little to no noise cancellation, as I like to be very aware of everything around me. With these earbuds, I was able to hear loud or very nearby sounds, but definitely not to the degree that I feel most comfortable with. However, if high noise filtration is your goal, these are a great bet. I'm still looking forward to using these earbuds more, but I may pop one out when running through busy streets.

Overall Analysis

Again, I think these earbuds are a great option for anyone looking for a true wireless earbud. They're great for workouts, stay in place, and have a high quality look and feel to them. Compared to other models available, the Athens are well worth the price point.


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