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The New York Strong-est Man and Woman Competition 7 Rocks the Westchester County Center

by Warren Rosenberg and Clark Thompson

January 20, 2020

On January 18, 2020, approximately 150 of the nation’s strongest athletes gathered at the Westchester County Center for the New York Strong-Est Man and Woman 7 competition. Organized and hosted by Mamaroneck’s NY Strong gym, this United States Strongman (USS) sanctioned event serves as one of the qualifiers for the National Competition and the Arnold Internationals.

Above: Opening Ceremony of the 2020 New York Strong-est Man and Woman 7. Photo Credit: Clark Thompson - Clarkshots

The competition consisted of five individual events testing both strength and endurance.

The Press Ladder consisted of a consecutive sequence of lifts involving an overhead press and hold of the axle (barbell) and log (metal cylinder) sequences in increasingly heavy weights.

Above: The Press Ladder sequence. Photo Credit - Warren Rosenberg

The Jeep Stock Tire Deadlift required a continuous repetition of deadlifts over 60-seconds using a bar with sand-filled Jeep tires and added weights.

Above: Jeep Stock Tire Deadlift. Photo Credit - Warren Rosenberg

The Sandbag Carry required athletes to lift and carry a heavy sand-filled bag back-and-forth over a 60 foot-long path for a 60-second time limit with the total distance traveled determining the score.

Above: Sandbag Carry. Photo Credit - Warren Rosenberg

The Frame Carry/Frame Drag event required contestants to stand within and lift a weight-laden metal frame and then carry it forward over a measured 60-foot distance. The frame is the dropped and dragged back over the floor the 60-foot distance. The event is timed and contestants have only 60 seconds total to complete it.

Above: Frame Carry / Frame Drag. Photo Credit - Clark Thompson, Clarkshots

The final event of the competition was the Stone Over Bar.

In addition to the $500 cash prize awarded to each division winner with the top three finishers qualifying for the Nationals. The winner of the male super heavyweight division qualifies for the Arnold International.

Look for full coverage, results, and more pictures in the upcoming issue of MetroSports Magazine.

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