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MetroSports Travels to Patriots Country

MetroSports Magazine traveled into New England Patriot territory to watch the Northborough-Southborough T-Hawks 4th Grade Football team take on the Auburn Rockets at the Rockets home field in Auburn, Massachusetts. Joining the boys on the field were members of the junior Cheering squad from Northborough-Southborough Youth Football and Cheer.

Strange, you think, for a Westchester County New York publication to travel to Patriot territory for a football game? Not in the least – we were just following in the footsteps of former Westchester Knicks dancer, Melissa D, who is now a veteran member of the New England Patriots Cheerleaders, pictured below.

In what was a well-played and competitive game, the Rockets took a 6-0 lead coming out of the first quarter and never looked back. With the score rising to 24-0 in the third quarter, the T-Hawks continued to fight for yardage on each possession, perhaps taking the advice of Dr. Jason Carthen, a former New England Patriot Linebacker (1993-94) and follower of MetroSports Magazine. Carthen's advice is to, “Always remember, regardless of the naysayers, those who are able to maintain their focus will emerge victorious after the drama has played out.” The T-Hawks did maintain their focus and were able to mount a scoring drive in the 4th quarter. The game ended with the Rockets on top of a 24-7 score.

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