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USA Boxing Metro and MSG Boxing's First Annual Ring Masters Championships at The Garden

Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater hosted a sell-out crowd on Friday evening, April 20, 2018, for the first Annual Ring Masters Championships organized by U.S.A. Boxing Metro and Madison Square Garden. The evening of championship amateur boxing featured twenty-four bouts representing winning athletes who earned their place on the card through their performance in the Metropolitan Qualifiers conducted over the course of the prior two months throughout the New York metropolitan region by U.S.A. Boxing Metro. The forty-eight participants competing in the MSG Ring Masters Championships, representing twenty-five regional boxing clubs, were narrowed down from a field of 600 athletes drawn from fifty-four clubs. Also featured was a 3 round bout between law enforcement officers of the NYPD’s Finest Boxing Team and the NYCD’s Boldest Boxing Team.

MetroSports Magazine will be releasing a special issue within the next three weeks focusing in the MSG Ring Masters Championships and featuring photographs and commentary of every bout. MetroSports Magazine had previously included a feature on the Metropolitan Qualifiers in our recently released March/April 2018 issue now available, free and online, at

Above: The officiating crew from USA Boxing keeping a close watch and ensuring a safe and fair competition.

First Annual MSG Ring Masters Championship Boxing Tournament at The Garden: Results

WP=Win on Points RSC=Referee Stops Contest

Juliette Ladisa (Champs B.C.) defeats Sabrina Slattery (Sweatbox) WP

Kathreen Sterling (Gleason’s) defeats Lina Vezzani-Katano (Church St. B.C.) WP

Andy Dominguez (Mendez B.C.) defeats Gerardo Vazquez (Atlas Cops & Kids) WP

Gabriella Gulfin (Gleason’s) defeats Iman James (Gleason’s) WP

Justice Bland (PacPlex B.C.) defeats Lawrence Bautista (Yonkers PAL) RSC

Nyisah Goodluck (Gleason’s) defeats Meagan Owen (SouthBox) WP

Dominique Crowder (NYAC) defeats Daniil Platonovschi (Atlas Cops & Kids) WP

Ronny Reyes (Morris Park B.C.) defeats Taquee McDaniel (Eastern Queens B.C.) WP

Jennifer Lopez (Mendez B.C.) defeats Gvantsa Pantsulaia (Gleason’s) WP

Brandon Browne (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeats Jonibek Khotamov (Atlas Cops & Kids) WP

Saul De Los Santos (Brotherhood B.C.) defeats Adel Lakrouf (Underground B.C.) WP

Sarah Thomas (Unattached) defeats Macarena Soto (Freeport PAL) WP

Steven Galeano (Bronxchester B.C.) defeats Deyshawn Williams (Eastern Queens B.C.) WP

David Moore (Freeport PAL) defeats Zachary Blumberg (Freeport PAS) WP

Jobanny Concepcion (NYCD Boldest) defeats Jamaal Spence (NYPD Finest) WP

Jonathan Troncoso (Main Street) defeats Richard Adamson III (Champs B.C.) WP

Reshat Mati (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeats Alex Vargas (Finest Fitness B.C.) WP

John McDonagh (Woodside B.A.) defeats Marco Cruz (Atlas Cops & Kids) WP

Nikita Abably (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeats Brett Pastore (Animals MMA) WP

Fabio Guzman (Brotherhood B.C.) defeats Edwing Lachapelle (New Bed-Stuy B.C.) WP

Afunwa King (El Maestro B.C.) defeats Kristiani Shytani (Morris Park B.C.) WP

Orville Crooks (Mendez B.C.) defeats Calvin Belgrave (Starrett City B.C.) WP

Gergo Savoly (Underground B.C.) defeats Matthew Tinker (NYAC) WP

Price Taylor (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeats Jeremiah Gurley (Gleason’s) RSC

Nkosi Solomon (Atlas Cops & Kids) defeats Michael Cserenyi (Royals B.C.) WP

Above: Bout 1 Action - Sabrina Slattery (Red) vs Juliette Ladisa (Blue)

Below: Bout 2 Action - Lina Vezzani-Katano (Red) vs Kathleen Sterling (Blue)

Above: Bout 10 - Jonibek Khotamov (Red) vs Brandon Browne (Blue)

Below: Bout 12 - Sarah Thomas (Red) vs Macarena Soto (Blue)

Above: Bout 18 - Nikita Abably (Red) vs Brett Pastore (Blue)

Below: Bout 25 - Giovanni Conception (Red) vs Jamaal Spence (Blue)

Below: NY Boxing Metro President, Sonya Lamonakis, former IBO World Female Heavyweight Champion, and some of those who helped make the 2018 Metropolitan Qualifiers and the Ring Masters Championship the success that they were.

Look for our special Ring Masters Championships issue coming soon and continuing coverage of NY Metro region sports in MetroSports Magazine. Follow us on Twitter @MetroSports_Mag .

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