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NYPD Boxing Championships 2017

June 8, 2017. Madison Square Garden.

The NYPD had a busy night with 23 active assault cases open in the Theater at Madison Square Garden. Involved in the melee were officers of the NYC Police Department, the NYC Department of Correction. Called in to help out were a firefighter from North Carolina, several former U.S. Marines, and Spiderman. Yes, a great time was had by all at the 2017 NYPD Boxing Championships at the World’s Greatest Arena in the heart of the NYPD’s Midtown South Precinct and for a great cause - to support charities such as the Atlas Cops and Kids organization - and MetroSports Magazine was on hand to provide coverage. Organized and sponsored by NYPD Boxing and in front of a packed house estimated at approximately 5,000, 46 competitors of all sizes, shapes and of both genders put their hearts and talents on display for all to see.

A packed house at the MSG Theater taking in the 2017 NYPD Boxing Championships

In addition to fighting for charity, several of the bouts were designated as “grudge matches” where, as ring announcer Phil Tufano so clearly stated; the best way to settle workplace differences is to punch each other on the face (of course he was only kidding – we think).

That's one way to settle a grudge

Adding to the entertainment value of the evening, many of the bouts appeared on the fight card with descriptive and, perhaps not too flattering, names. Included among these were bouts listed as: "Super Heavy Champ", "Special Vic vs DOC", "Female Grudge", "Female Brawl", and "Fat Bastards".

Referee Sparkle Lee looking on as Selina Herrera lands a left on Radwa Mohamed in the Female Brawl. Lee, one of the few professional boxing referee's, is a former NYPD officer and was inducted into the International Women's Boxing Hall of Fame in 2015.

Spiderman of the NYPD's Narcotics Unit victorious in a Grugde Match with Lt. Dave Siev looking on

Javier Colon of the NYCD's Boldest Boxing Team puts on his game face

NYCD's Yaatae Turner lands a straight right against the Finest's Greg Thuesday to take the Welterweight Championship. Look for our feature article on Turner in the upcoming Jul-Aug 2017 MetroSports Magazine (

Sgt. Mark Sinatra in action against Erin Fitchette claiming the Super Heavyweight Championship. Sinatra was featured in last year's Jul-Aug 2016 MetroSports Magazine.

Katie Walsh lands a left to Stacy Weinstein in the Female Grudge Match.

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