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NYC's Finest Capture the 2017 Battle of the Badges Football Trophy

New York City's uniformed services took their inter-agency battle to the Columbia University gridiron on Friday evening in the annual Battle of the Badges football game between New York's Finest, the Police of the NYPD, and New York's Boldest, the Department of Correction, NYCD.

These local heroes, along with their counterparts in the FDNY, regularly compete for Gotham's bragging rights in annual hockey, gaelic football, football, boxing and other sports. MetroSports Magazine recently covered the NYPD/FDNY annual hockey game at Brooklyn's Barclays Center( and will be at Madison Square Garden next month as the NYPD and NYCD host their annual boxing championships.

Under the Friday Night Lights at Columbia University's Baker Field, The NYCD's Boldest took an early and decisive lead, incarcerating the NYPD Finest's runners and receivers at the line of scrimmage and building up a first-half lead of 12-7. While things looked good early for the Boldest, they could not keep the Finest squad locked up for long.

The NYPD's offensive coaching staff put their investigators to work performing a CompStat-like analysis of the Boldest's M.O. and came up with a plan that began to take effect just before the close of the first half to take a 14-12 lead at the break.

From there on it was all NYPD as New York's Finest found a way to handcuff the Boldest's receivers and lock-up their runners in the backfield.

The NYPD took this one with a final score of 32-18. The Boldest will seek their vengence on June 8th at MSG as 2017 Golden Gloves Champion Yataae Turner of NYCD's Boldest goes up against his Finest opponent.

Look for full coverage in the upcoming MetroSports Magazine.

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