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CaringKind's TackleALZ NYC 2017 Charity Football Fundraiser

The seventh annual TackleALZ NYC charity football game sponsored by the New York City advocacy and support group, CaringKind, took place this past weekend on New York City’s Roosevelt Island. Seventy competitors participated in front of an enthusiastic crowd estimated at 400 attendees, all in support of a wonderful cause.

Brucrew (above left) and Blondetourage (above right) receivers in action at Roosevelt Island's Ocatagon Field for the 2017 TackleALZ NYC

While longstanding football rivalries are usually based on geographic regionalism, New York vs San Francisco or Seattle vs Dallas, for example, or upon college rivalries such as Rutgers vs Ohio State, the fierce but spirited TackleALZ NYC rivalry is based upon something more visceral, more genetically ingrained or available through a purchased bottle of Clairol. It is an age-old rivalry between fair and dark-haired women. Redheads and women with “alternative hair color” played for the team of their choice. The teams are named Blondetourage and BruCrew, respectively. Each team has set a fundraising goal of $100,000 for this year’s event with the Blondetourage running about $9,000 ahead as game time approached. Like that team from Foxboro up north, this year’s football bragging rights belong to the Blondetourage, with the series record standing at Blondetourage 2 to the BruCrew’s 5 wins.

Brucrew (above) and Blondetourage (below) take the field to start the competition

Approximately 5.4 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive and irreversible brain disorder most notably characterized by memory loss and dementia. CaringKind, formerly known as the New York City Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, is New York City’s leading expert on Alzheimer’s and dementia caregiving. With over 30 years of experience, CaringKind works directly with its community partners to develop the information, tools and training to support individuals and families affected by dementia. Lou-Ellen Barkan, President and CEO of CaringKind, said, “While these teams battle each other fiercely on the field, off the field they’re all on the same team – fiercely battling Alzheimer’s and dementia. Most of these young leaders have a personal connection to the cause, and we are so grateful for their dedication and determination.”

Jed A. Levine, Executive Vice President, Director of Programs & Services Receiving a Check From the Event's Fundraising Activities

CaringKind offers a 24-hr Helpline (646) 744-2900 run by professional staff; individual and family counseling sessions with licensed social workers; a vast network of support groups; education seminars and training programs; early stage services and a wanderer’s safety program. CaringKind believes in the power of caregiving and seeks a world where everyone dealing with dementia has the support they need, when they need it.

The TackleALZ NYC flag football program has raised over $1,000,000.00 since its inception to help support CaringKind’s work.

For Morris, Compton, and Ernie.

For information about making your contribution or to learn more about CaringKind’s programs and services which are available free of charge to New Yorkers who need them, visit their website at


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