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New York State Level 3 Qualifier at Dynamic Gymnastics

The competition was fierce and the 9.00+ scores plentiful as 27 Level 3 Gymnasts vied for a place in the upcoming State Finals scheduled for the weekend of May 19-21. This most recent edition of the annual Spring Fling Invitational at Dynamic Gymnastics pitted gymnasts from four downstate gyms, Dynamic Gymnastics in Mohegan Lake, Gold Star Gymnastics in Pleasant Valley, GymCats in Yonkers, and Triumph Gymnastics in Ridgewood, against each other. Qualifying for a place in the 2017 NY State Gymnastics Championships ends next weekend with meets at GC2 Gymnastics and Hotshot East Gymnastics.

The final placement in the All Around scoring was as follows:

9 Years Old and Under

1st Place Gabriela Kierzakoski Triumph Gymnastics

2nd Place Kayla Koerner Gold Star Gymnastics

3rd Place Taylor Kabat Gold Star Gymnastics

4th Place Emma Sherwood Gold Star Gymnastics

5th Place Carla Chiaramonte Triumph Gymnastics

6th Place Min Hollweck Triumph Gymnastics

7th Place Jazmine Kirkwood Dynamic Gymnastics

8th Place Stephanie Gonzalez Dynamic Gymnastics

10 Year Olds

1st Place Shania Eleazar Triumph Gymnastics

2nd Place Sara O'Callaghan Dynamic Gymnastics

3rd Place Cecylia Haberling Dynamic Gymnastics

4th Place Kaelyn DeLaCruz GymCats Gymnastics

5th Place Cassandra Juliano Gold Star Gymnastics

6th Place Nicole Wikera Triumph Gymnastics

7th Place Audrey Nieves Triumph Gymnastics

8th Place Jade Cepeda Gold Star Gymnastics

9th Place Analise DiGuglielmo GymCats Gymnastics

10th Place Gabby Ruby Gym Cats Gymnastics

11 Years and Up

1st Place Paige Loague GymCats Gymnastics

2nd Place Leah Lundberg Dynamic Gymnastics

3rd Place Lois Heller GymCats Gymnastics

4th Place Aileen Zambrano GymCats Gymnastics

4th Place Flora Leigh GymCats Gymnastics

6th Place Olivia Sheehan GymCats Gymnastics

7th Place Dafina Mustafa GymCats Gymnastics

8th Place Alyssa Fresco GymCats Gymnastics

9th Place Trista Manuel GymCats Gymnastics

Team Results

1st Place Triumph Gymnastics Total Score 110.025

2nd Place Dynamic Gymnastics Total Score 109.950

3rd Place Gold Star Gymnastics Total Score 109.650

4th Place GymCats Gymnastics Total Score 107.400

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