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Photographing sporting events provides an exciting and challenging opportunity for both amateur and professional photographers who wish to try new avenues of photographic expression and technical challenge.  As the American photojournalist and National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson has been quoted as saying, “if you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff”.  The exciting and fast moving action, colorful uniforms, the range of emotions and facial expressions...

1. Arrive early- Scout out a location. How flexible is movement and how close can you be to playing field?
2. Light-  Know the direction, intensity, color (is flash allowed). You can stop or show motion.
3. Camera- Know settings that will capture action in your lighting environment (may need two cameras with different focal length

NYPD Boxing Championship at Madison Square Garden. Photo - Clark Thompson

4. Lens- One that compliments your situation. Frame it ti...

Sports photography is all about capturing action and emotion. If you’re looking to convey emotion, you’ll want to shoot tight by either using telephoto lenses or placing yourself as close to the action as possible. If you’re not able to get in close and tight, you can always try and crop down your image in post-processing to highlight facial expression. Look for those images that capture the emotions of intensity, concentration, fear, pain and joy.

Photo Credit: Warren Rosenberg

While the action that t...

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