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The Inaugural Croton Cross Bike Race

Arturo Guerrero, MetroSports Magazine - November 5, 2022

Over 50 cycling enthusiasts took part in the inaugural Croton Cross cycling competition on the weekend of October 29-30th at Croton Point Park in northern Westchester County. Croton Cross is a 2-day cyclocross race which, according to the promoters John D’Agostino and Alex Klafehn, fills a hole in the New York Metro region’s bike racing scene.

As noted in the event’s promotional materials, “Croton Cross is dedicated to creating an event that promotes youth development and an equitable platform for everyone who wants to race bikes. Between drastically reduced registration fees for qualifying fields, partnerships with local grassroots equity-focused organizers, and a commitment to making the race better for everyone — not just the folks on the top step — we hope add fuel to the fire of getting more folks racing bikes.”

In the weeks leading up to the October 29-30 event, the racing course was open to potential participants and the general public with unstructured practices hosted by two of the event’s sponsors, Sleepy Hollow Bikes and Gambit Racing. The course included a variety of terrains including grass, hard-packed dirt, gravel and paved asphalt, and challenges including Belgian steps, uphill climbs, steep drops, cambered turns and switchbacks.

The event sponsors include the Anti-Racist Cycling Club, Sleepy Hollow Bikes, Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, Café Cyclista, Baked By Susan, and The event was promoted by Westchester Cycling Productions. Final results can be seen at:

To visit the Croton Cross website:

For a YouTube view see the post by Matthew Dezii at:

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