2018 Westchester County Coed Volleyball Tournament

How curious that the Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation has sponsored two major tournaments within the past five weeks of sports that share a common history.  The January 2018 Westchester County Coed Volleyball Tournament was preceded five weeks earlier, in the final week of December 2017, by the Westchester County Slam Dunk Basketball Tournament. Both events were held at the County Center, Westchester’s most famous arena, and home to the NBA franchise Westchester Knicks G-League professional basketball team.

 Photo Credits: Above - Warren Rosenberg;   Below - Clark Thompson


It turns out that both the sports of basketball and volleyball were developed within five years of each other by two men who met at the YMCA of Springfield, Massachusetts. It was there that William G. Morgan, credited with the invention of volleyball in 1895 first met James Naismith who, four years earlier in 1891, invented the game of basketball. Basketball became an Olympic sport in 1936 and Volleyball in 1964.


This year’s Westchester County Coed Volleyball Tournament featured 19 teams competing in three different divisions: the Recreational Division, Intermediate Division, and the Competitive Division.


       Recreational Division

       Hammer Time 2

       Set It And Forget IT

       Block It Like It’s Hot


       I Like Sets


       Intermediate Division



       J.P. Doyle’s

       I’d Hit That

       Foolish Hit

       Volley Llamas

       Victorious Secrets

       Empire Strikes Back

       Spiked Punch

       Block Party


       Competitive Division

       Young Guns

       Danger Squad

       We Be Jammin



Monday’s competition was structured as a Round Robin in which the teams competed to establish their ranking for Tuesday evenings Championship Round. Following two evenings of heated serving, passing, setting, digging, bumping and spiking the following winners were crowned.





REC Division

1st Place   Hammer Time 2

2nd Place  Set It And Forget It




Inter Division

1st Place    Lider

2nd Place  Moonshine





Competitive Division

1st Place   Danger Squad

2nd Place  Young Guns








The Westchester County Coed Volleyball Tournament, started in the early 1980’s, is one of several highly regarded annual tournaments which include the Slam Dunk Basketball Tournament, the County Cheerleading Tournament, and the County Swimming and Diving Tournament. This year’s Coed Volleyball Tournament was overseen by Beth Bricker, Recreation Supervisor in the Westchester County Parks, Recreation, & Conservation Department working closely with Anthony and Beth Pirrone of the Westchester Volleyball NY League.


Look for more coverage in MetroSports Magazine's Online and Print Edition. Coming Soon.



Additional Photos at: http://wr-photo.com/p924741976



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